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imx OMEGA is the basic software for all imx test benches. It provides numerous functions for managing tests and test parameters. As a result, tests can be easily and quickly adapted to different test objects and scenarios. The software also monitors limit values to protect test objects and controls the data storage of both recorded measurements and calculated test results. In addition, imx OMEGA offers user management that controls access rights to the different sections and manages the rights of each user. Operating all imx test benches is practically identical thanks to the wide range of imx OMEGA basic features. This significantly reduces the training required when using multiple test benches. Compared to customer-specific solutions, the flexibility and professional standardisation also ensures investment security and enables all customers to benefit from further development of the software. imx OMEGA is expandable, secure, reliable and always up to date (Information on the November 2023 update can be found here). All imx test benches use imx OMEGA. Thanks to a modular software concept, it is possible to program new test types independently, modify the sequence of existing test types and adapt the control, regulation and automation processes. We teach the necessary skills as part of our training program.

DUT management

Parameterization of tests

Limit monitoring

Visualization of measurement data

automated evaluation

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With one click from starting a test
to the PDF report

All implemented tests are available in the Testing view. imx offers a wide range of standard tests (learn more). Before starting a test, the DUT information must first be entered and a test with suitable test parameters must be selected. The test is then started with one click and the test bench performs the test sequence automatically. Once the measurement data has been recorded, the raw data is evaluated and a PDF report is generated. The measurement results can also be exported to a third-party format such as Microsoft Excel, Matlab or they can be written directly to a database.


The test specimen information must first be selected in the control unit. After selecting the desired test type and the associated test parameters, the test can be started.


During the test, the status will be displayed. If an error occurs, it is displayed with an error number and description.

Curve window

Display of curves or individual values during the current measurement. In addition, thermometers or other widgets can be used to display the measured values.


Test parameters, the test specimen, etc. can be adjusted in the Configurator.


The test stand is operated and the measurement data is visualized in the panel (current display).

User management

The software has three user levels that can be assigned different rights. Each user of the software is assigned a corresponding level.


The results of the evaluation are stored as a PDF report and in the raw data folder. The evaluation is carried out automatically or manually in separate software.


The buttons can be used to quickly switch to the different panel views.

Parameterization of DUT information and test sequences

In the Configurator view, the DUT-specific information and limit values that are monitored during the test can be customized. The parameters of the test types are divided into those that control the test sequence and those that are used in the evaluation. These can be created and configured independently.

The test plans, which are optionally available as an add-on, enable the cyclic repetition and sequencing of predefined tests. This allows the DUT to be assigned a sequence of tests that the user does not have to start manually, so that the tests can run overnight, over the weekend, or over a longer period of time (endurance tests).

Measurement information

Metadata such as test item serial number, note on test

DUT configuration

Definition of DUT limits and properties

Test configuration

Defining parameters for the test sequence and evaluation


Combining individual test types into an automated test plan


Assignment of test specimen properties and test plan or individual test to an EOL key. This key can be assigned to a barcode, for example.

Test parameter sets

Selection of different parameter sets for the test sequence

test parameter set

Create, change and save parameters for the selected parameter set

Evaluation parameter sets

Selection of different parameter sets for the evaluation

Evaluation parameter set

Create, change and save parameters for the selected parameter set

Add-ons for imx OMEGA


Combine single tests into an automated test plan. Within a test plan, repetitions and timeouts can be included so that the test stand can be operated without operator supervision.


Operating the test bench without mouse and keyboard. Loading predefined parameter sets and starting test plans or singele tests can be linked to various events, such as scanning a barcode.

imx GraphiPEd

Edit individual curve shapes comfortably in the graphical editor. This provides a live preview of the sequence in the correct time frame and allows convenient inserting and editing of jumps, ramps etc.

Personal consulting

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