imx EC-Motor-Tester

Standalone motor control with integrated measurement technology

Standalone motor control up to 12,000 W

With the imx motor tester, we offer a standalone motor controller with integrated current sensor and measurement technology. It is available as a desktop unit or as a 19″ rack-mount unit and is therefore suitable for laboratory setups or integration into a production line. Using the integrated controller, it is possible to control both DC and EC/BLDC motors. Depending on the version, motors can be operated with a DC link voltage of up to 100 VDC or up to 800 VDC. It is ideally suited for drives at 12 V, 36 V, 48 V or 400 V voltage levels. The feedback interface for closed-loop operation offers multiple possible encoder systems such as Incremental, Sin/Cos, Hall, EnDat, BiSS-C, SSI and Hiperface.

The box is controlled via the measurement system built into the motor tester, which is equipped with several analog and digital measurement inputs and outputs. Combined with the imx OMEGA test bench software and our imx motor tests, a flexible test system can be set up that is easy to integrate into production lines. Using the integrated measurement system and sensors, the Motor Tester is able to measure the phase voltages and currents and thus calculate the input power of the device under test. Identification of the output power and efficiency is achieved by connecting an external torque sensor and a speed sensor.

Power up to 12,000 W

Voltage up to 100 V / 800 V

Current up to 150 A / 50 A

Integrated sensors

Sine / block commutation

Various encoders

up to 100 kHz sampling rate

up to 48 kHz analog bandwidth

Measurement system extendable

Personal consulting

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