imx EC-Controller-Box

universal motor control up to 12.000 W

Universal motor control up to 12,000 W

The imx EC controller box is a universal motor controller with integrated current sensor technology. It is available as a desktop unit or as a 19″ rack-mount unit and is therefore suitable for laboratory setups or integration into a production line. Using the integrated controller, it is possible to control both DC and EC/BLDC motors. Depending on the version, motors can be operated with a DC link voltage of up to 100 VDC or up to 800 VDC. It is ideally suited for drives at 12 V, 36 V, 48 V or 400 V voltage levels. The feedback interface for closed-loop operation offers multiple possible encoder systems such as Incremental, Sin/Cos, Hall, EnDat, BiSS-C, SSI and Hiperface.

The controller can be controlled either via CAN, e.g. with a measurement system from imc Test & Measurement, or via USB / RS232 using the included software.

Power up to 12,000 W

Voltage up to 100 V / 800 V

Current up to 150 A / 50 A

Integrated sensors

Sine / block commutation

Various encoders

Personal consulting

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