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The former MTC (Motor Test Center) division of imc Test & Measurement GmbH became an independent company – imx Solutions GmbH – on January 1, 2022.
The company imc, founded by Dr. Franz Hillenbrand and Prof. Dr. Klaus Metzger, has been dedicated to the principle of load-free testing of electric motors in test benches since 1988. The PI method (parameter identification method*) developed by Metzger/Hillenbrand revolutionized the testing of DC electric motors in the early 1990s.

Over 30 years, in parallel to the ongoing development of the now well-established loadless PI method, numerous products have been developed for the testing of electric motors and electric motor-driven components. Today, these are developed and exclusively brought to market by imx Solutions.

The company imx Solutions is now led in the second generation by Arne Hillenbrand and continues to live the founding idea of the inventors Metzger/Hillenbrand with a team of experts.

Our customers include the leading manufacturers of modern electric motors and motor-driven components in many industrial sectors in Germany, Europe and beyond.

*Explanation: Instead of usually running a motor through all operating points in a time-consuming process with a load machine, the loadless PI method can completely test motors and record their parameters within a few seconds. A milestone for the quality management of modern electric motor production lines.

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