imx test bench software

Test bench management, control and motor testing

Modern software platform for configuration, test automation and evaluation

For the operation of test benches, we provide basic software imx OMEGA and imx motor tests. They are a proprietary software of imx, which is continuously enhanced. Thanks to standardized basic software with a specified range of functions, the user interface of all imx test benches is the same. This minimizes the training required and enables all customers to benefit from the ongoing development of the base software.

imx OMEGA provides the general functions for managing the tests and the test parameters. In addition, the software offers numerous interfaces for the integration of third-party devices.

With our standard tests, we offer state-of-the-art test methods that are scientifically accompanied and continuously developed. Each test consists of a test sequence and an evaluation. Both components can be parameterized and are performed with one click, so that the evaluation results are available in a report at the end of the test.

Our standard products for test bench applications


The imx OMEGA software platform is the base software for all imx test benches. It is used for the management and control of our test benches.

imx motor tests

The imx motor tests provide a fully automated standard for testing electrical drives such as DC, EC or AC motors and electromechanical components.

Personal consulting

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